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The Legend is a Deed Restrictions sub division that are associated with each lot in the community.  A list of these restrictions would have been provided to you at closing, but are also available below at any time.  These restrictions are permanent and will transfer to the next owner of the property.  The Legend is broken down into 3 units, which were assigned based on when the lot was first purchased from Rinco.

Outlines below is a broad overview of the restrictions.  For detailed information, please select your unit number. 

The lot owner can not build multiple homes on a single lot. One home per lot. Also, each home is for a single-family (no duplex)

All new structures and modifications to existing structures need approval from the ACC. The ACC will look at the workmanship, materials, harmony of the exterior design with respect to the topography. Approval or denial will be granted within 5 business days of submission.

Only a single-family home can be built on a lot, which means you can not purchase a lot to only build a garage / shop. A garage can only be built if it is in conjunction with a single-family home. Also, all buildings must be completed within 14 months after laying foundation. No house-trailers (5th wheel, bumper pull, single-wide, double-wide, etc) of any kind may be moved onto the property. A guest house may be built to the rear of the permanent residents.

Toggle ContentThe exception to this rule is construction material, which may be stored on your lot after construction of your home has begun. The ACC will notify you via certified mail about the violation. You will have 10 days to remove the material from your lot, or the ACC will remove the material and charge the lot owner with the cost of removal and disposal. The ACC has no liability to said lot owner by virtue of the exercise of such right to removal.

You can not have a mobile home or house trailer (5th wheel, bumper pull, etc) on your lot at any time. Also, no temporary structure (tent, barn, garage,etc) can be used as a temporary residence. Camping trailers with on-board black/gray water holding tanks can be used for weekend and vacation camping up to a maximum of 17 consecutive days prior to the construction of a building on the property.

You must have an approved septic system connected to your plumbing.

You can have cats, dogs and other household pets, but these animals can NOT be bred or maintained for commercial purposes

You may not use your lot as dumping grounds for rubbish. No junk, wrecking or auto storage yards shall be located on any lot, no heavy equipment, dump truck, materials (except material used in construction of the residence) or non-operating automobiles shall be stored on (or parked in the roadway in front of) any lot.

You can not display any signs (political, commercial, etc) to the public view on any lot except for 1 sign not more that 5 square feet advertising the property for sale or rent, or signs used by the builder during the construction.

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