This page is intended for builders who want to build in The Legends.  The Legends is an Architectural Controlled Community and there are a few rules to follow.  To get started building in the legends we have a procedure that we have designed to make it easy for the owners, builders and HOA.


  1. The owner of the lot must have access to the Owners portal. You can get to the portal of our main page or click here. If you do not have access to the owner’s portal you need to contact the treasure at and request access.
  2. Once the owner has access to the portal, they need to submit the entire house plans by creating a service request on the left-hand side menu. Select create new service request and select “New House Plan Submission” Fill out the required information and pay the $100 admission fee.
  3. Once your server request has been saved the Architecture Control Committee (ACC) will be automatically notified and begin the process of evaluating the submitted plans. All correspondence will be done though the service request ticket.
  4. Once the ACC has approved your plans as submitted no additional changes will be allowed without the approval off the ACC. Again, you will need to open another service request with selecting the change order option. When the original plans have been approved you will receive an Approval Agreement from the ACC that you will require to agree to and sign before any construction will be able to begin.
  5. Before construction can begin the following items need to be completed.
  6. Roll-Off Dumpster shoul be placed on property for the duration of the project and emptied when full.
  7. Porta Potty must be placed on site for duration of the project with cleaning service.
  8. A Snap Shut Brochure Box to be affixed onsite within seven days of this Approval Letter for documentation and plans. (Order though our website)
  9. A check for $3000 Road Fee payable to The Legends within seven days of this Approval Letter.
  10. ACC will determine if an Entrance Culvert with road base is needed. Construction driveway with road base must be installed.
  11. The ACC will inspect the build site throughout the build process. When the final inspection is completed on the build the inspection report shall be submitted for the HOA to complete the process. 
  12. Provide a certificate of Insurance to the ACC naming The Legends at Rancho del Lago Maintenance Corp. before beginning your project.

Any questions please contact the ACC at

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